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    Default 16-Year-Olds Can Leave Home

    I know for a fact, that when our 16 yr old daughter left home, the sheriffs dept would not do anything because she was 16 yrs old. They said because she was 16, she could do what she wanted. We even set her boyfriend up to get busted, (so she would half to come home)(and she was there), they would not do anything to her, they let her go. Social Services called, because she was pregnant, and wanted to know if we kicked her out? I said no, she left and she can come back home and they said she did not half to because she was 16. She had the baby, and signed her own paperwork. They said she could because she was 16. So I know for a fact 16 yr olds can leave home and nobody can do anything.


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    Laws are different in every nation and, in the U.S., in every state. But there's not a state in the U.S. where a 16-year-old is a legal adult.

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    The Police were wrong or lazy. A 16 year old cannot live outside parental home without either consent of parents or legal emancipation

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