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    Default How Do I Get Reimbursed Money After a Judgement Was Vacated

    My question involves Being Re-inbursed Money after a judgment has been vacated for the state of: NY
    Hello All
    Yesterday i had a Judgment for a Credit card/collections Vacated,it says Judgment is Vacated.All stays vacated and Bank Restraints are lifted.
    I have sent my bank a copy,the Sheriff and the Lawyer for the collection company a copy.

    My Question is am I entitled to get the money back that was taken out of my bank account prior to this judgment? Do I have to go back to court to have the judge add an addition to this or Am I just S.O.L.

    I appreciate all help on this matter.

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    Default Re: How Do I Get Reimbursed Money After a Judgement Was Vacated

    You asked for the return of the money and the plaintiff refused? Then you may petition the court to order the money returned, or to be held in escrow pending the resolution of the court case.

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