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    Default Eviction of Squatters in California

    My question involves an eviction in the state of:


    Tenant moved in Feb 08. Did not even pay full months rent. After this I found out tenant was in jail (Early march) The house was subsequently red tagged. I inherited the house from my dad when he pased away, then 2 months later I had a baby. I just kind of let the house sit. I didn't go by there for nearly a year. My boyfriend was the one talking to the orignal tenant.

    After the house is red tagged (March 08), we go by and find a motorhome parked in the drive way. It was the tenants "brother." (We found out recently they are not related)

    Brother began cleaning up garbage in exhange for living there.

    To date "brother" has not give us a penny which is fune.

    We want them out though as we want to begin fixing the house up ourselves. Because they are not paying rent, can we give the a 3 day notice and then file if they do not respond? Or would doing a 30 day notice be better?

    I am just concerned that the red tag on the house would hurt us, we really don't want their money, we just want them out.

    I cannot find my lease with the original tennant either.

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    Default Re: Eviction of Squatters in California

    You can do one of two things:

    Offer them money to leave


    Evict them under your state's laws.

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