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    Default Bank Accounts and Chapter 7

    My question involves bankruptcy in the state of: Mi.

    I have (well had now) 3 checking accounts at 3 different banks. One is my primary, my name only. I use it to pay bills.

    The other is a joint with my roomate. We both put in xx amount per month to cover utilities and such.

    The third checking account is with my boss. We run a concession stand on the side, it makes about $2000 a year and we split it. Before you ask, no we do not claim it as income.

    The bk lawyer told me to close any joint accounts with my name on it, so I did right way (last week). But cant the bk court look and "see" that I had these accounts in the past 6 months before bankruptcy? Is this going to pose an issue? Im filing chapt. 7 on 12-1-08.

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    Default Re: Bank Accounts and Chapter 7

    If you're moving money around between accounts within 180 days of bankruptcy, it's perfectly reasonable to expect that somebody will be asking about the accounts and where the money went.

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