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    Default If One Remarried for Another Green Card Attempt

    My question involves divorce in the State of: California

    I am an alien and wants to get US green card. My first marriage for green card was divorced before I got the first interview and the case was withdrawn and I was reported as marriage fraud. My work permit card also was returned with statement "This person did not live at that address."
    I am still in the US as over stay for a few months after my divorce.

    If I remarry to another US citizen, does ICE give me a hard time since I got reported as marriage fraud?

    (Note: When I sent in the withdrawal of the green card petition, I sent in the divorce petition also as the reason why I needed to stop the paper. On the divorce petition form, there was a question "how long the couple has lived together? The answer was zero months and zero days.)

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    Default Re: If One Remarried for Another Green Card Attempt

    You mean, when ICE is looking at a person that has already been deemed a fraud that then shows up with ANOTHER marriage partner, will ICE be suspicious of your love?


    I doubt they will believe it for a single minute.

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    Default Re: If One Remarried for Another Green Card Attempt

    In other words: ICE will definitely give me a hard time during the interview such as they will separate the couple for the interview, they will look closely into my application...
    Here I thought about the problem: When I fill out the address(es) where I lived in the past during my first marriage, I face the problem, would I, because:

    1) If I put in the address in my biograhic form G-325A that I used for the first marriage, then they saw the working permit card was returned, and the statement that it was a marriage fraud and 'this person never lived here'.

    2) If I don't put in this address and put in a different address then they compare and found inconsistency and they would ask me why didn't I report of change of address.

    I won't have an easy time to re-apply for green card even if it will be real marriage? If they just deny me for any reason then I will be banned from entering US. And my 'true' husband will have to live outside of US if he wants to continue our marriage????

    Once I goofed (I was reported, I dropped the petition before the interview) chance is slim for me to get green card by marriage?????

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