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    Unhappy Harassment by Family Member

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: TX

    My question involves two issues but both related to the same problem. My current boyfrind has a cousin that refuses to leave us alone. Both he and I keep receiving voicmails and text messages about events she feels he needs to know about. As a former friend, she has stayed in contact with my ex-fiance and keeps insisting that my involvement with him has never ended and therfore I'm hurting her cousin. Both my boyfriend and I have asked her repeatedly to cease contact. We do not want to hear from her. The other issue is that I also have to work in the same office as her. Things have progressed to the point to where my work environment has be compromised.

    Just recently she posted a blog visible to all of our fellow work mates that blasted me and one I would consider slanderous. I'm just curious if there is any legal action I can take. I have tried to be civil about the whole situation but it has reached a point to where I have had enough. I want her to just leave me alone and I want to feel safe going to work everyday.

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    Default Re: Harassment by Family Member

    Consult an attorney and have him send her a cease and desist letter.

    If she does not comply, bring her up on harassment charges.
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