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    Default Removing a Life Estate on Florida Property

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Florida

    how we get the life estate off the deed that transferred my father in laws condo to my wife in 2004?. My father in law is agreeable and we have a notary at the nursing home. I'm just not sure what the right paperwork is. He had an attorney do it down there and they forgot the life estate so we had an attorney up here correct that but he retired to florida and I canít get him to help now. This saved on taxes and insurance but now he is permanently in a nursing home up here, doesnít want to return to Florida and we are trying to sell it, but the buyer and their broker want him on the contract of sale. We want to take his life estate off before the sale so the proceeds go to my wife and Medicaid and the nursing home donít get involved even by accident. If they do a 1099 at the sale with his social security #, that will be a problem waiting to happen. He is agreeable to removing it and there is a notary up here. I donít know what the proper paperwork is to correct the deed again. We are certainly willing to pay for the assistance and all filing fees. We would like to get it done right away before we sell it

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    Default Re: Removing a Life Estate on Florida Property

    You can have an attorney do a "corrected deed" and have it filed. The attorney that made the mistake, if it was one, should correct it.

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