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    Default Court Date In 2 Weeks But Not In System And I Am Out Of State

    My question involves traffic court in the State of: California

    I was visiting California last month and got a ticket by CHP (infraction). I am waiting for it to appear on their computer system but it hasn't shown up yet. I've called twice and they say call every week.

    Now it is 2 weeks before my court date and I wanted to post bail and mail in a trial by declaration. I live out of state and there is no way I can appear in california court. What should I do now if it doesn't show up in the system in a few days???!?!?!?


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    Default Re: Court Date In 2 Weeks But Not In System And I Am Out Of State

    I believe you can enter a "not guilty" plea and post bail by mail -- as long as you do it before your appearance date. Call the Clerk of the Court and ask -- be sure to get their exact address. To be safe use CRRR.

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    Default Re: Court Date In 2 Weeks But Not In System And I Am Out Of State

    That is true but what the OP is wanting to do is a TBD rather than set up a trial date. There is a lot of information on Google and you can download the forms or go to the library and get Jerry Browns book on CA tickets or download it from the internet.

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