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    Default Are Employers Required To Pay For Training?

    My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: Maryland

    Today my boss told me that she wants me to complete a 16 hour training over the course of one weekend. She told me that she will pay for the class, but that I will not be compensated for my time in the class. I work in a daycare and I have already completed the required training. This is just something extra that my boss wants me to do. I was under the impression that all training has to paid for. Can anyone help me?

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    Default Re: Are Employers Required To Pay For Training?

    Are you exempt or non-exempt?

    Is this training required by the state for licensing or certificates?

    Do you need this training to keep your job?

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    Default Re: Are Employers Required To Pay For Training?

    Im not sure if I am exempt or non exempt because I have never worked overtime. However, I am an hourly, not a salaried employee. No, this is not required by rhe government, it is just something my supervisor wants me to do. It is not a requirement for me to keep my job. She is only asking certain employees to do it. Im sure she will be really mad if I dont do it though. I dont mind doing it if it is paid for, but I alreay work a part time job on the weekends, and I dont want to miss work and not get paid.

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    Default Re: Are Employers Required To Pay For Training?

    Here is the US DOL link re training time pay which applies to non-exempt employees. If any of the 4 requirements are not met, training time is time worked & has to be paid. However, if you are an exempt employee, you get no additional pay over your regular fixed weekly salary no matter how many hrs. you work.

    (Whether you are exempt or non-exempt depends on your job duties.)
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