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    Default What Rights Does An Aunt Have?

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: NC
    I have two nephews that I currently care for. I have been caring for then for quite some time. My sister is the mother of the two and split up with the father of the children. The father of the children has not taken care of the children since they have been born, and is on drugs. My sister, the mother, is with a new boyfriend that is very abusive and is also on drugs. My sister needs to get her life together before she is capable of caring for her two sons. Both parents are currently not capable of caring for the children and have no safe , stable home for them to stay. The only stability they have ever known is staying with me. I make a good living and I am more then able to provide for the children. The father claims he wants one of the children, but only to prevent himself from paying child support. What legal rights do I have as an aunt?

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    Default Re: What Rights Does An Aunt Have?

    What legal rights do I have as an aunt?
    Unfortunately, none. If you want custody of the kids, your sister (at the least) will need to cooperate.

    Is your sister the one with custody? If so, you two should discuss the possibility of you obtaining legal guardianship and custody of the children.

    The father may contest it, of course, but if he's as unfit as you say, proving it ought not be too difficult.
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