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    Default Jurisdiction For Debt Collection

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Florida

    I am a current student discussing the below topic.

    If you want to recover a debt from someone that lives in Florida, the sue must be heard in Florida. This is because each state has personal jurisdiction over the people that live or that do business in the state. Because he is a citizen of Florida only Florida has that personal jurisdiction thus the sue must be submitted in Florida regardless where the plaintiff is from.

    There are other ways to get personal jurisdiction:
    If the defendant visits NC and you are able to get him/her served while in the state.
    The defendant has enter into some kind of business within NC( even if it minimum, like sending advertisements from one state to another)

    My Question is:

    Wouldn't this law of personal jurisdiction allow people to move from state to state in order to avoid being sued? In cases such as eviction and other damages cases parties could move around the country and never be found or served in there specific state.

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    Default Re: Jurisdiction For Debt Collection

    No it wouldn't, although obviously a defendant who moves a lot can make it difficult to get a and collect on a judgment. Good luck with the rest of your homework.

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