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    Question Approved For SSI And SSDI, How Does Backpay Work

    I was approved for SSI and SSDI following a hearing with an ALJ on Feb 25,2008. I had to go into the office on March 13th and answer alot of questions and was told I would receive SSI and that it would pay faster because it took awhile to figure up my SSDI benefits. I was also told that the backpay due from SSI was almost $22,000.00, but I would recieve it in 3 installments over the course of a year. I got a letter in APril stating that they had calculated my SSDI monthly benefit amount and it was low enough that I am still going to qualify for SSI(my SSDI is going to be $555.03 and my SSI was going to be $637.00, I know that will be refigured due to the new SSDI income) and will recieve both monthly, but that they may have to withhold my SSDI backpay if I receive SSI for the backpay period. My question is since I haven't actually recieved my SSI backpay are they going to withhold it from my SSDI? Or will they go back and recalulate my SSI and find out what they actually have to pay since SSDI is now saying they owe for that period as well and reduce my SSI benefit due to that. I know this is lengthy, but all of this is so confusing for me and I didn't have an attorney so I have no idea what i going on at this point.

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    Dear ga_girl,

    If you haven't received an SSI payment as of yet don't worry. However, based on my experiance, you will likely receive your SSI benefits first. Once you get your so called back pay from SSI (6mons) then from there SSA will deduct that amount from your back pay from SSDI. I know it's stupid but thats the system. One other important note you might want to consider, be very careful on how you spend the money, SSA is always on the lookout. SSA should have sent you a booklet that tell you what you can and can't do with the funds. Any violation may result in prison and/or fines. The money is to be put towards good which means your health, living, then pleasure.

    Best Regards,
    Zero Cool

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    Default Re: Approved For SSI And SSDI, How Does Backpay Work

    Yeah I know I received a check on March 13th from SSI for $1,990.00. and a regular monthy benefit of $637.00 for the month of April. All of this is so confusing and it is hard when you have 3 kids and have depended on family to care for you for 4 years and now after approval you have to play the waiting game to even be able to afford a halfway decent place to live for them and am facing having my lights and water turned off if not paid my the end of the month.

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    Default Re: Approved For SSI And SSDI, How Does Backpay Work

    So in otherwords the amt of your back pay total was $1990? You would have been better off not taking SSI. That sucks! I am taking back my app for SSI.
    I want my back pay for SSD.

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