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    Default Falsely Accused Of Drugs

    Here are the details. I live in Nebraska. My brother worked in the same establishment as I do. He was caught trying to steal anhydrous ammonia and was fired as a result. I did not have anything to do with this at all, and in fact during the act I was not even at work. I work days, he worked nights. My supervisor is causing me a great deal of embarrassment by saying I was involved when he knows I wasn't and has told a lot of other employees this which has resulted in my character and reputation now being a "druggie" which is really hard for me to deal with. My brother told the bosses when confronted I did not know anything about this and to keep this private due to the fact it could hurt my credibility. They agreed to do so, but did not follow through. What do I need to do to get this to stop, and what do I need to have if and when I decide I need to proceed legal action? How much more of this do I need to take before it stops?

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    It's usually wise to follow the chain of command, first.

    Does your supervisor have a supervisor?
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