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    Default Changing last name on a child's Social Security card

    Can a parent change their child's last name on the child's social security card? Or does one parent need permission from the other?

    My child had her last name changed on her birth certificate and I have not corrected it on her ss card. I plan on changing it back to what she had before so I see no point in changing her ss card. Can her dad go behind my back and correct it?

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    Default Name Change

    On the limited facts you have presented, it is not immediately clear that you can go behind his back and change the child's name, if that's what you intend.

    If the father properly documents the name change to the Social Security Administration, they will likely update their records and issue a card with the child's legal name.

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    Yes, I am aware that I will need the father's permission to have my daughter's last name changed. Just wanted to know if he can change her card without me knowing it. Thanks for the info!

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    Default SS Question/Name Change on a Minor

    I have a follow up question to the name change issue concerning a minor. A friend of mine recently got married. She has a five year old son from a previous relationship. Her son considers her new husband his father. The biological father has had no contact with her son whatsoever. In fact the biological father's name is not on the birth certificate. My question: Can she change her son's last name without the birth father's consent? She is worried to "find" the father and fears he could come back five years later and attempt to gain custody/visitation rights. Thanks for your time.

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    Default Changing Child's Name

    In most states she would have to get permission from a court.

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