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    Thumbs up Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"


    Thank You your trick worked for me. I went from this to this

    Her trick

    "Dial 1800-300-5616
    when you get through and hear, "Welcome to..."
    Press, "1,3,0" "

    You got to keep trying most times you get the recording that hangs up on you but keep trying until you get the recording that lets you input with your key pad.
    I know your not an employer but the person at the other end does not know how you got there. Just do it!

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    Default Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    Update... this is getting to be a job in and of itself.

    Received a message today from EDD in reference to an email I sent last week.
    Ironically it came in from a restricted # while I was in the other room trying to call EDD on a different phone. I was called at 1:59pm and then the message left at 2:02pm with the following and that they wouldn't call again.
    The message states that they sent the paperwork after I got through on jan8th. At which time I was trying to figure out why I didn't get a check.
    So apparently the US postal service failed to get my claim form to EDD and failed to deliver the additional paperwork to me after I got a hold of EDD.

    He then goes on to say that I have to call and verify my address as it has changed too many times. Uh, I'm homeless and have no choice but to move about trying to find a job. Gotta love going from 6 figures to this fiasco. He then mentions I should goto a local EDD office....which I would love to do but I have been stuck in another state since last month when my check didn't arrive.

    Sigh....getting ready for another 200+ calls to EDD tomorrow.

    Oh and I have been using the 1,3,0 and the 1,4,0 and the 1,2,4,3 and have yet to get through.

    Additionally I was forwarded another number by a state senator's rep but it just rings until it suddenly clicks to a busy signal.

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    Default Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    If you cant get through that way , call the Direct Number in Sacramento.They have a callback system if you can get them to call you...

    Direct Number Main Office in Sacramento 916 654 7401

    I was supposed to recieve a check a week ago, no call backs , cannot get through the 1-800 number.

    All offices are closed these days...

    Personaly i theink the federal Government needs to look into California sa a whole including the EDD office of appeals...

    Basically any time the EDD gets the opertunity , to hold back money , or penalize you they will.

    It used to be nice just to go into the office and deal with the problem , now they have the 1-800 number , and what ever you do do not threaten them because they have a button that they push and the police will mcome knocking on your door.This is what I was told by a representative , not that i treatend them , i was just curious how the system operates these days since all the offices are closed...

    I seriously think the Fed should check them out...yada yada

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    Default Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    I am posting this because I am sure there are people out there just like me who are frustrated by not being able to get through to the EDD office and are searching online to find out if others are experiencing the same thing. You may have come across this forum and so I am going to pass along my advice.

    It is getting tougher and tougher to get through... even when you do "get through" and go all they way through the prompts you get hung up on in the end because there are too many callers already waiting. My suggestion...
    EMAIL. I have done this three times and the first time I got called back, the second I received and email early the next morning and the third time I got a call back within a few hours.

    It is the fastest way to get through to a LIVE person, even though you think you might be sending that message into the darkness... believe me you will get a response. Be clear and write in complete sentences and include all the information they need to look up your file.

    TIP: be near your phone or carry it with you after you have sent the message - they WILL call you, but if you miss the call, you could be out of luck again.

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    Default Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    Give the people at EDD a break. They are experiencing record breaking numbers of people on unemployment, with out an increase of staffing to deal with it. As a result, they have opened their call center half days on Saturdays from 10am - 2pm. Try calling on a Saturday until it gets popular and be nice to the people on the other end of the phone. They are tremendously overworked.
    If you wanted babies all to yourself, you should have created them by yourself. Until you do that, children have the right to BOTH parents, especially since you found them suitable to procreate with.

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    Default Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    your tip worked for me, and I wanted to thank you. Before using it, the phone system wouldn't even allow me to wait on hold.
    And the EDD man was extremely nice and helpful.
    You really saved my bacon. You get a gold star for the day!

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    Default Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    I've had pretty good luck with emailing them. At least a whole lot better than calling. I expect them to be real slammed as the new fed extension is now in the works. Hoping that there isn't too big of a lag between checks as I just sent in my last claim for one week.

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    Default Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    When you here "Welcome" try dialing 12117.

    I had been calling for over an hour and a half!

    When I tried that code i got in right away and only waited about a minute before speaking with a Rep.

    Good Luck.

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    Smile Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy"

    I was browsing Google seeking phone options to contact EDD when I discovered the following:

    Dial 800 300-5616
    If you hear - "Thank you for calling EDD" - HANG UP!!!
    If you hear "Welcome to EDD" - dial 12117 to be transferred to a live operator.
    I called today (10/5/09) and hit pay dirt on my first attempt.
    FYI, I tried it again for curiosity sake and was successful on my 3rd attempt.
    Good luck

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    Default Re: California EDD Phone Always "Busy" -- Try "Ask EDD"

    Has anyone tried "Ask EDD" on the EDD's website? I've used it twice to ask questions. The first time, I got an answer in a few days, and the next time, I got an answer in about a week. The answers you receive will be only as good as the questions you ask, so be sure to be as thorough and clear as possible. Here's the link:

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