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    Default Emergency Custody in Tennessee

    A little background: I have been seperated from my husband now for 5yrs. We were together for eight before that. We have three children that we verbally agreed joint custody(week on Week off). The arrangement has never been a good one.

    He was addicted to pills when we were together and physically abusive to me. He was arrested for beating me up and was ordered anger management, drug test etc. I thought he was over all that until the last three years. I started hearing that he was going to different doctors and getting pain pills and selling them but I had no proof. He lives with his mom and she is the one that takes care of the kids when they are visiting.

    I just found out that he was arrested Feb 1 for Possession Schedule II, Possession Schedule IV, Theft of property, and Identity Theft. I don't know the details.

    I have an appointment Friday with an attorney because I plan on filing for Temporary emergency custody until we can go to court for child custody and divorce. My question is what do I have to look forward to? Will the arrest be enough for emergency custody? What kind of sentence is he facing?

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    Default Re: Emergency Custody in Tennessee

    If he's in jail, he's unable to take care of the kids and thus a court may be willing to award emergency custody. If he was using drugs in front of the kids, that may be enough.

    We have no way of knowing what the disposition of his charges will be, what his plea bargain may be, what his prior record is, or anything else which may help us predict his sentence.

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