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    Default Lost Title And Can't Find Prior Owner

    We live in California.

    Hello, We bought a used car 3 years ago from a private party. We drove the car just a few times, and then there were engine problems so we garaged it. After 3 years of health problems, and 2 new babies, we forgot to transfer the car into our name. We didn't even register it for 3 years because it was never driven and misplaced the title. We can't find it anywhere. We tried to contact the previous owner, and he has moved with no forwarding address. We actually can't even remember his name. We need to sell the car, and have a buyer. The DMV says we must find the owner . Is there another way to do this? The car is worth quite a bit, and we need the money! Thanks...

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    Default Re: Lost Title And Can't Find Prior Owner

    Check with the DMV to see if they can pull up ownership information by VIN. (They can - I just don't know if they will do it for a member of the public.) There are also commercial services which perform VIN searches. You should be able to identify the title owner from such a search, then use the contact information to track down (or get started tracking down) the title owner.

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