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    Default Is Guardianship Legal With a Notarized Letter?

    I just have a quick question...
    It is my understanding that as a parent, I could write a letter designating a legal guardian for my child and have it notarized since there is no Will yet. I am looking to double check that this is in fact, a legal document which would be recognized by the courts. Can anyone tell me?
    Thanks in advance! We are in NJ.

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    Default Re: Is Guardianship Legal With a Notarized Letter?

    I have no idea what you are trying to create but if your question is whether you can designate a guardian for your child with a notarized letter, to serve in the event of your death, you should be aware that no such designation will be binding on the court. However, the court typically gives considerable deference to your preference (if there's no surviving parent to assume custody).

    Write a simple will. It's easy enough.

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