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    Question What States Will Extradite To Michigan

    I walked away from probation in michigan and they wil not bring me back from missiour and was wondering what states they would bring me back from i was told only states touching michigan but would like to know for sure

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    Default Re: What States Will Extradite To Michigan

    There are no states that statutorily disallow extradition.

    In other words, there are no states that have laws on the books defining which states they will and will not extradite to.

    Extradition is solely at the discretion of the judge handling the petition to extradite.
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    Default Re: What States Will Extradite To Michigan

    Extradition will be from as far or as near as the issuing state and agency wants to go. Many agencies will not confirm an arrest warrant outside of a certain geographic area, and so you will not be arrested. Others might. Your warrant probably has a short extradition radius unless it is a serious felony.

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