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    Question Can I Evict My Roommate

    I am a renter in California and the only one on the lease. However, the lease is currently up and we are living month to month. I have lived here for a year and my landlord loves me so I know that she will allow me to sign a new lease if I choose to do so. My roommates filled out rent applications when they moved in over the summer, were approved, but never actually signed. However, they have been mailing rent checks to my landlord on their own, as apposed to me paying the landlord and them paying me. I really want one roommate out - she is aggressive and has been opening my mail. Do I have the right to give her 30 days?

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    Default Re: Can I Evict My Roommate?

    Not if she's paying the landlord directly. Her implied contract - and yes, because she's paying him directly, there is an implied contract - means that he's the only one who can evict her.

    In California, you can't evict someone without just cause. Being aggressive and opening someone's mail are not considered just cause.

    File a complaint with the post office about your mail.
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