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    Default Prenup For Non U.S. Citizens

    We are planning to get married later this year. I have German citizenship, her's is Canadian. We both plan to keep it that way, but may spend most of our future lives in the US (currently living in VA) - or may some day move to a third country. We both have assests in our original countries. Is a US prenup useful, or do we draft some other type of document to reflect prenup financial protection?

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    Default Re: Prenup For Non U.S. Citizens

    A prenuptial agreement would have to be valid in the state and/or country where you divorce, and if you own property in other countries it may also have to be valid under the laws of those countries. You may wish to instead consider how to structure your estates before you get married (revocable living trusts, etc.) such that your separate property never becomes part of your marital estate (unless you later decide to commingle your assets). This doesn't sound at all like a "do-it-yourself" project - I suggest consulting a law firm which handles both family law and estate planning matters, for a consultation about what would be your best approach.

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