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    Default Hit Parked Car Which May Not Be Insured

    I live in PA. On Christmas Eve, I backed into a parked car on my road. Very minor damage to both cars. I hit a friend of my upstairs neighbor. It was a young girl that came out yellling like I totaled her car. I thought that she was getting a little too excited. Her first question to me was, "Do you have insurance?" A few days later, my daughter was talking to the upstairs neighbor and he told my daughter that this girl may not even have car insurance. That explains why she was freaking out so much. Actually, she is the ex-girlfriend of my neighbor. He said that a week before that she was asking for money to pay her car insurance. So, he suspects that she may not even had insurance at the time. And, she wasted no time contacting my insurance company. When I called to report the accident, they told me that she already reported it. She was parked in a bad spot. But, it purely was my fault, as my mind was not paying attention thinking about all of the things that I needed to do.
    My daughter told me that I should call my insurance company and tell them to investigate about her insurance. I really don't think that it matters now. The police were not contacted. And, the accident was my fault. Even though, she was illigally driving, I think my insurance company will still pay for damages. And, of course my rates will go up. My husband hit a car in the same spot, last year. There should be no parking allowed in that spot. But, it is allowed and it is up to us to be extra careful. I always have been, until Christmas Eve.
    But, am I right? My insurance is still obligated to pay whether she had insurance or not?

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    Default Re: Accident My Fault Hit Parked Car;questionable Insurance Of Other Car

    It doesn't matter that she didn't have insurance.

    You are right, your insurance should pay for the damage that you caused to her car.

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    Unhappy Re: Hit Parked Car Which May Not Be Insured

    Thanks Happy Trails. I expected that was going to be the answer. Oh well, my fault anyways!

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