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    Unhappy Three Traffic Tickets From One Traffic Stop

    Ontario, Canada

    Recently I got three tickets at once:

    1/ For failing to stop on red

    2/ For failing to display two plates - front one not installed

    3/ For failing to surrender insurance card

    Objections and explanations:

    1/ I drove through on yellow. The officer agreed with me, but said the yellow was on before my front wheels crossed the intersection line, so I should have stopped anyway.
    She must have been driving 50-70 m behind me.

    2/ My front plate was knocked down while machine washing the car and I didn't get aroung to put it back.

    3/ It turned out my broker had forgotten to sent me the permanent policy and I was able to provide only the temporary one. He is willing to give me a letter admitting a mistake on his side, if that's helpful at all.

    My intention is to challenge the tickets in the court. What would be my best course of defense.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Default Re: Mr. Three Traffic Tickets

    this is a US based forum and the knowledge of Canadian law is very limited. There may be a few folks that can help but don;t hold your breath waiting.

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