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    Default Hit In A Parking Lot

    I was driving in a parking lot and another driver pulled out without looking ( their head was turned the other way when they pulled out) and hit the passenger front of my car. I have about $500.00 more or less damage
    ( its a holiday weekend so I have to wait for the shop to open to get an estimate) with only basic coverage. Whats my first step to collect for the money i will be out. I will be getting the car fixed ASAP as I need it to get to work.
    Do I have to do this on my own or will my insurance co. help out ?
    Legal aide?
    Thank you,

    Clueless with no collision coverage in Michigan

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    Default Re: Hit In A Parking Lot

    Try contacting the at-fault driver's insurance company and requesting reimbursement for the mini-tort amount (your uninsured losses up to $500).

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    Thank you.

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