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    Default Impounded Car Due To Expired Tags In Indiana

    I was cited for “expired registration” 9-18-2-7 and “no insurance” 9-25-8-2 in Indiana after being pulled over for speeding and supposedly passing in an intersection. I have Michigan plates, license and insurance. My plates had expired a little less then a month. The police impounded my car based on my registration being expired. First off is this legal for him to do? At I found “the bureau shall, before the vehicle is re-registered, collect the registration fee that the owner of the vehicle would have paid if the vehicle had been properly registered.” Under the specific ordinance I was cited, but nothing of impounding the car. Now I seen something in IC 9-18-2-43 about impounding, but this wasn’t listed on the ticket.
    I also noticed under “Lic. Yr” he put 06. Is this supposed to be the year my plates expired or were renewed. My tags expired Nov of 07. I was pulled over in Dec. In fact I think my plates were even purchased on 07, I have to look up my records.

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    Default Re: Impounded Car Due To Expired Tags In Indiana

    The fact that you are required to obtain Indiana registration after moving to Indiana does not give you license to drive an unregistered vehicle in Indiana. You couldn't legally drive it from the scene, so it was impounded - no surprise there.

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