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    Default How To Make Someone An Official Godparent

    We live in the state of Texas and I wanted to know how do I go about making someone a legal godparent. I want to give this person permission to make decisions for my child but he is not a gaurdian. How do I go about this without giving him gaurdianship.

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    Default Re: How To Make Someone An Official Godparent

    A godparent is somebody you designate to oversee the religious upbringing of your child (or, if you prefer, its absence). A godparent has no legal status or authority.

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    Default Re: How To Make Someone An Official Godparent

    So basically I would have to give them some type of gaurdianship to basically be like a step in parent when I am not available. For instance I am about to leave to attend a college in another city, still Texas, he is going to stay with my mom, if anything medical happens I have a medical power of attorney and the person that I have appointed to be like godparent I have put him on there as alternative agent will this all he needs to be able to make decisions for him also?

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    Default Re: How To Make Someone An Official Godparent

    They would have whatever authority is grnated by the Power of Attorney.

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