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    Default Proof Of Abuse By Father, But Mother Is Being Punished

    My ex husband, who was always abusive to me in the marriage and borderline abusive to the children, has custody of two out of the 4 of my children (Our two). When we got separated, he took everything we had, to include my access to our bank account and left me with 4 kids and noting. No cars, etc. I've got documented proof that he tried to hire men from his Army unit to murder me, and they told on him, etc. Amongst many other tragic things that he put us through, he left me feeling helpless, powerless and without resources to raise my kids alone, I let him have two of four kids. I thought then, that it was best for the give them what they needed, since he left me unable to do so. Now, 3 years later, the two sons in question are coming to me every time they come to my house for my visitation, that daddy is beating them and his new wife's two children as well. I called DSS here in Cumberland County, NC, to file reports of the allegations and have it checked out, for the safety of my children. And for "her" children's safety. They found it unsupportive due to no bruises on the kids at that time, but then, they did get statements from the children stating that daddy was beating them with something he calls "the rod." He immediately stopped letting me see the kids and placed himself in contempt for 2.5 months straight. I document everything, and filed contempt charges, etc. After I got my first visit back when he gave in, I saw my 4 yr old son was covered in bruises on his back and bottom. I took a photo, took him to the doctor's office, had it documented and followed up with court and DSS again that following business day. They again, investigated.....3 days after they got the call to go investigate, and claimed the bruises were not there. Then, have tried turning this entire thing on me saying I'm detrimental to my children's health because I actually went so far as to tape record my children confessing things that daddy is doing to them. I now am restricted to a visitation-arrangement where its supervised to set up the pick-up and drop-off of my children, and I have to pay 425 to start this service and $20 every visit to pick my kids up and drop them back off again...which is heinus! They are STILL all working on the same team...together, for whatever reason, they have NOT removed my kids from that abusive home, and I was told the DSS social worker was not going to rule this as abuse even BEFORE she met with the family a second time and that she wanted to help them recover/stay together and get healthy, not tear the family apart. I am FULLY being taken advantage within this court system, have already been advised to get an ATTY, but can't....due to me losing my job over all the no-show's on their part regarding all this...and there being so many continuances. I've been advised to go ahead and press criminal charges since my case is going unheard or not taken seriously, and my kids continue to get beat, for all I know. I now have no way of knowing. I need to know what I should do from here. I'm all alone here and my little boys came to me because they're scared, hurt, and they want out of that house. I would never have done this if it weren't for them coming to me for help. I'm their MOTHER for crying out loud! its my job to protect them, and the system for Child safety should as well...and is NOT. Somebody please help me...

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    Default Re: Proof Of Abuse From Him And I'M Being Punnished!-NC

    Here are some helpful contacts:

    For legal assistance in Cumberland County:
    Cumberland Legal Aid: 910-483-0400
    Lumbee River Legal Services: 800-554-7852

    For assistance filing additional criminal charges: explain your situation and see what course of action they can offer:
    Sheriff's Office Victim Advocate: 910-677-5521
    District Attorney Victim Assistant: 910-678-2915
    Catherine NeSmith
    Executive Director, Inc.

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    Default Re: Proof Of Abuse By Father, But Mother Is Being Punished

    Is there somebody, ANYbody out here, with a big heart, and who isn't so wrapped up in the money-aspect of this line of work, who is willing to take on a Pro Bono case? I'm currently awaiting an answer from a friend, who may be paying for the entire thing, or at least half of what it would cost to fight this, and need a Lawyer's help asap. Paid in full if the friend comes through, paid in small increments of whatever I can gather up each month and pay you, if he doesn't come through. But, starting Pro Bono until further notice. PLEASE...If I were a Lawyer, I know that I would do this for someone. I'm begging here, before its too late and something serious happens to my sons. I don't want to wait until the money comes. hese lives are on the line. The rest of their lives are on the line, and they could be damaged forever, the longer they stay in this situation.

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    Default Re: Proof Of Abuse By Father, But Mother Is Being Punished

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