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    Default Public disorderly conduct charge

    I am a 52 year old woman, I have never been in trouble in my life, and now I am facing public disordely conduct charges. I don't know what to expect and I am scared to death. I would like to know what might happen and what the penalty might be for this.

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    Default Disorderly Conduct in South Carolina

    That depends upon a lot of factors, including the facts of the incident unerlying the charge. The most likely outcome is a fine and some form of probation. It might be possible to negotiate a resolution that does not result in a criminal conviction. You would likely benefit from discussing the charge with a local criminal defense lawyer.

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    In my case my son had been charged with a crime and he had taken an over dose of sleeping pills. when they came to get him it was awful and there were so many policemen there, the emergency rescue team was called out, my daughter"n" law was sitting in one of the policeman's car, I walked up and the door was open and I asked if she was alright and she said yes I said are you sure you are ok. again she said yes, and she stood up out of the car. I said you know if this (the charges against my son) is not true we will never forget this and have a hard time living with it. I didn't know if my son was dead or still alive at this time. my daughter"n"law started screaming she just lost all control and started using profanity at me I asked her to calm down, she got worse and I said calm down again. at that point I realized she wasn't going to. so I started walking away, when I got across the road from her she was still screaming and using really bad language. I turned around and I said you witch you evil witch you!!!!!!! That's all and I mean all I said I was so hurt and upset and not knowing what was happening to my son I didn't know what to do. at that point one of the officers started walking toward me, he was about half a block away from me, and one officer was in the middle of the street directing traffic there were so many cars. The officer that was walking toward me came up and put my arm behind my back, in a short while the other officer walked up I asked if I could just leave and go somewhere I said I would not come back I told them I was scared my son was dead, the officer that was directing traffic told me I wasn't going anywhere that I was going to jail, I asked why and he said for public disordely conduct, I thought it was because I had screamed at her, I didn't understand, and the next day my picture and my address and all was in the paper and all over tv.
    The headlines said son charged mother also charged. that made me look like I was part of all this trouble and I live alone and I have been scared to stay by myself since my name and address was in the paper. I had to tell my employer and thank "God" they knew me and was understanding, and are working with me helping me in any way they can. I know this sounds strange because I didn't explain the charges my son has on him but I am telling you all I can.
    I can't afford an attorney for myself, so I am still going to court and I will plead not guilty because I am not. I will ask for a jury trial can I do that? I would rather a jury hear my story than just a judge.

    Thank you

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