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    Default Landlord is Trying to Kick Me Out

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I moved into a rental house on Oct. 4th of this year and my lease started on Oct. 1st in Las Vegas, NV. The landlord has cashed a check for a security deposit, first months rent, and has the second months rent in her possession but has not yet cashed it. I signed the lease and submitted it via mail since she told me that she was unavailable to show up to the house to sign in person. She has not since been on the property. Today I got an email that she needs me out in 30 days and is claiming that since she never signed the lease, there is no lease, that I am renting from her month to month. Is this true given I signed it, she acted in good faith on the lease terms, and she never met me in person so I could ensure that she would sign the lease?

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    Default Re: Landlord is Trying to Kick Me Out

    This is a one year lease (and not longer)? Then the statute of frauds (a statute which requires certain contracts to be in writing) doesn't apply (NRS 111.205). You describe offer, acceptance, mutuality, and payment - even though she didn't sign the lease, I think you can hold her to it. Of course, that also means going to court and persuading a judge if she tries to evict you.

    Did you retain a copy of the lease?

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    Default Re: Landlord is Trying to Kick Me Out

    It is only a six month lease and I do have a copy of it. I also have a hand-written receipt for the deposit I handed over but it doesn't mention the length of the term in the receipt. Thanks so much for your help. I looked up NRS 111.205 and that's exactly what I needed to know Mr. Knowitall

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