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    Post Failed Drug Test While On Probation in Texas

    Yes, about 4 weeks ago I learned that I have several tumors growing throughout my body, the worst being in my lungs. Once I found this out, I gave up pretty much on life, and smoked alot of weed, despite being on 2 years Deferred adjudication probation on a reduced charge of Terroristic Threat Public Interrupt(a class A misdemeanor). Well, they sent me in for a drug test and I failed it, now he is saying that it doesn't matter that I am not going to see next year, and that he most likely will have to send me before a judge. My probation is half finished now, and my community service is complete, as are my fees and all, but he seems to think that sending me before the judge will make me learn. I mean for gods sakes, I haven't got the time to sit in jail for any length of time, as I'll prolly die in there.

    What are my options? As I've considered running back to my home country of Ireland and saying screw the USA altogether!

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    Default Re: Failed Drug Test While On Probation in Texas

    You violated your probation, and this is the consequence. Document your condition to the judge, and see if he shows some mercy.

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