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    Default Eviction Notice in St. Joe County, South Bend, Indiana

    Summary-I have been residing in St joe county south Bend, Indiana.For the past year. I rent month to month contract for our home . The landlord has sent a registered letter telling me {Not sent through the court system, written by the land lord or his wife}it says we we have to to move by Oct 1, and that we must not shut the utilities off . that they will transfer them into their name.. No reason was given for us to move out . We have always paid on time. The letter was picked up and signed for on aug 20. I was wondering if this is a legal practice. And if i have to pay this months rent {sept} because he is not giving me enough time to properly find somewhere to go. I am 60 years old . Their are two others my age in the home also.what is his legal obligation in how much time he has to give us to move ?

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    Default Re: Eviction Notice in St. Joe County, South Bend, Indiana

    IC 32-31-1-1
    Determination of estates at will
    Sec. 1. (a) A tenancy at will may be determined by a one (1) month notice in writing, delivered to the tenant.
    (b) A tenancy at will cannot arise or be created without an express contract.
    As added by P.L.2-2002, SEC.16.
    What that means is you have to be moved by Oct 1. All that is required is 1 month notice and you got that. A LL does not need a reason to terminate a lease.

    and YES, you have to pay Septembers rent.


    as far as the utilities; I would not leave them in my name. Either the LL would have them transferred by Oct 1 (and you need to verify this) or they would get turned off.

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