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    Thumbs down How Can An Illinois Father Sign Away His Parental Rights To Stop Paying Support

    i live in illinois...she moved to california...i get to see my son one week out of the year...i love him to death but he would pretty much grow up not knowing me and i dont think that is right so i think i should sign my rights away to her and her family so he can grow up with the best people around him...dont get me wrong im not a dead beat dad

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    Default Re: how do i sign my rights away in illinois to the mother and not pay child support

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    dont get me wrong im not a dead beat dad
    then simply keep paying your child support for the child you made with the mother. The child is here because of you. You have an obligation, both legal and moral that does note end simply because you cannot see your child.

    They aren;t like cars or other possessions that since you don;t get to use them, you can sell them or give them away so you do not need to maintain them. This maintainance is until the child grows up.

    What you seek typically never happens. About the only time a fathers can sign off on a child is if there is another father planning on adoption. States do not like to, and almost never will, bastardize children.

    btw; him growing up with the folks you mention has nothing to do with what and if you pay.

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    Default Re: How Can An Illinois Father Sign Away His Parental Rights To Stop Paying Support

    Is there a custody/visitation order in place? If so, did you and/or the court consent to her moving to CA with the child? Have you considered moving to be closer to your child? (it may or may not be a possibility. Keep an open mind).

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