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    Default Emancipation For a 17-Year-Old in North Carolina

    Hi I'm 17 years old and I live in North Carolina.
    I have read the emancipation process for minors to get emancipated in North Carolina...BUT, I don't have a job.

    I want to move out and move in with my boyfriend's family who are willing to support me, so is that eligible in the emancipation process? I would like answers and not a repost of the emancipation appeal thing...

    Or do I have to do it the hard way and ask my mom for permission to move out?

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    Default Re: 17 year old in North Carolina

    If you read statute you would know wanswer. However since you did not. Yes you need permission. Emancipation is about self support not living with your BF. Yes you need a job!

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    Default Re: Emancipation For a 17-Year-Old in North Carolina

    No, having someone else support you defeats the entire idea of emancipation. The fact that you would ask the question shows that you do not understand what emancipation is.

    You would NOT be eligible.

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