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    Question Can Association Fees Be Passed On To Heirs

    My deceased step-father purchased a parcel of land in a development in Oklahoma more than 20 years ago. Only he signed the purchase agreement, though he and my mother were married at the time. Both their names were put on the warranty deed. After he died, she had his name removed from the deed, so now she is the only person listed on the deed.

    The purchase contract stipulates that after his death, the monthly association fees are to be paid by his heirs (my mother), and after her passing, his/her heirs, ad infinitum.

    Is this possible? When my mother dies (she is in her early 80's), will his children and her children still be responsible for this monthly fee?

    How can one sign a purchase agreement that passes liability for these fees to one's heirs?

    The land is worth maybe 20% of what he paid for it, and the association fees continue to rise each year.

    Thank you,

    Ed Marshall
    Akron, OH

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    Default Re: Can Association Fees Be Passed On To Heirs

    The legal owner of the property is responsible for the fees. You can not pay and they will take back the property. Sometimes this is the best option as a lot of timeshare owners have found out.

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