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    I was court approved to relocate with my children from FL to PA. One of the stipulations was that I was to pay for their summer travel to FL to visit their father.

    During the months of April and May, I made MANY attempts (in writing which I have) trying to make these arrangements.

    He never answered any of my attempts. I also made several calls to him which were un returned.

    I know my ex. He will wait till the last minute and then tell me he wants them like the next day.

    He has not paid child support in a year and these costs are essentially financially impossible at this time.

    He did this with spring break as well (ignored my attempts to discuss).

    He files contempt for everything (even though he didnt reply, he will do it this time as well.)

    Is there any recourse to preempt him from filing contempt ? Can I filed some type of notice with the courts regarding his failure to reply.

    I know the contempt filing is coming. I would prefer not to wait for him to do this.

    I know it sounds ridiculous, but he has filed 5 different things of contempt against me which I can disprove all of them.

    He is not involved in the childrens lives and doesnt even return their phone calls.

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    Default Re: Summer Visitation

    Have you filed for contempt for his non-payment of support?

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    Yes, I filed for contempt awhile back. That is being held the same time the contempt he filed is being held.

    Because I had filed the contempt for non payment of support many months ago, I did not include in the Wherefore statement asking for me having to pay for summer ttravel be abated (since I did not expect it to take six months for the hearing to get scheduled.)

    Must I filed an amendment to the original motion for contempt asking NOT to have to pay for their summer travel or can I ask for that during the hearing?

    I want to make sure I do what is required to ask for that.

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