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    Question Out of State Warrant - Will They Extradite?

    I have 2 (alleged) felony warrants in Oregon for a probation violation on a DUI-
    I live in Maryland now, and the state of Oregon has all my information (home & work addresses, ect.) because I pay child support on my kid in Portland.

    Would they try & come to Maryland & extradite me on these charges? I plan on returning myself to Portland as soon as I can retain a lawyer to rep. me (I got a PV before & the judge told me one more & he was going to give me a 6-month sentence)

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    Default Re: Out of State Warrant - Will They Extradite?

    Basically it is case-by-case and lots of things go into the equation including the seriousness of the offense, costs of extradition, etc. In the long haul you are probably best served by obtaining an attorney and turning yourself in on the warrants. The other option is to wait it out but if you get stopped and the warrants show up or if you otherwise end up being detained for some reason it is usually more difficult to try to address the situation then on their terms as opposed to your terms when you can plan it out and make the arrangements to turn yourself in.

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    Unhappy Re: Out of State Warrant - Will They Extradite?

    I'm not interested in running around looking over my shoulder forever, so I def. plan on surrendering myself once I get an atty., and get everything hammered out. I'm just worried that they're going to come & yank me out of my house or at work (being that OR. has all my info) before I get a chance to do so.

    IMO, although it was a probation violation, it wasnt that severe- I just got a driving while suspended, and a failed UA for my diversion. I know I screwed up, and know I will be doing some jail time (6 mos., or even more now, according to the judge I saw last)... I just dont want to have to sit in a MD. jail waiting to be transfered.

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