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    Default Can The Foreclosed Owner Legally Destroy The Property

    I just bought a foreclosure in MI. The previous owners have a year to redeem themselves under MI law. But I heard they secretly sold 2 of the 5 acres and are saying they will trash the house before I get it. Is this legal? Can you sell some of the land that is in foreclosure and can you destroy the property before the new owner actually gets it? Also am I allowed to hire an appraiser to look at the property and assess it before the damage occurs? I am totally lost as to what my rights are. Thanks for anything you can give me.

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    Default Re: Can the foreclosed owner legally destroy the property?

    Does the order of foreclosure permit you to recover taxes and insurance paid during the redemption period, in the event that they attempt to redeem the property? Even if it does not, I suggest getting insurance and making sure that it would cover malicious acts by the previous owners.

    I don't know how they can "secretly sell" land that is covered by the foreclosure. They can sell the property in the sense that they can use the proceeds to redeem the property and pocket any profits, but that's hardly a secret.

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