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    Default No Turn on Red in Michigan

    I was driving through Lansing after I had picked up a friend.
    Unfamiliar with the one ways and whatnots, I was just trying to get us home.
    There are some crazy constructions going on in the area so I was unable to take my usual roads.

    I came up to a red light. Stopped completely. Looked to my left, and then proceeded to turn right on to the street, which was in the general direction of where i live.

    Then the police officer came up from behind, and asked me if I was aware it was a no turn on red, at the prior light. I said, "no, I didn't see the sign. I usually don't drive through here. I am sorry."

    He took me info and then of course came back with a ticket. I felt dumb because I saw him sitting there.
    Anyway, he told me that he understood, however he had been sitting and watching that intersection specifically because that intersection has accidents because of this. He said that he "had to give me a ticket" because he was "sitting there watching for that specific violation.

    I am thinking about asking for an impeding traffic violation, so I don't get points on my license. I ran a stopsign earlier this year and got a ticket for that. Fought it for impeding traffic, and got it. That doesn't stay on record right? Also, my friend said to find out something on entrapment? I was wondering if that applied.

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    Default Re: No Turn on Red in Michigan

    entrapment? what did the officer do to entice you to break the law?

    answer: nothing.

    he simply knew a lot of folks break the law at that intersection and was simply waiting to catch them. That's not entrapment, that's smart.

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    Default Re: No Turn on Red in Michigan

    Unfortunately, it legally doesn't make a difference if you are a seasoned Lansing driver or a driver who just arrived from Burkina Faso; you are expected to follow the rules wherever you travel. If a sign was posted clearly and reasonably (i.e. there were no objects blocking the sign), then you are expected to see and obey the sign, no matter where you are from or how well you know the area.

    Now I'm not saying that a court won't take your unfamiliarity with the area into account. But impeding traffic offenses indeed appear on your record; they just don't carry a point penalty and thus, insurance does not adjust rates. It's still a civil infraction, but only a non-moving one. If a court sees another impeding traffic on your record, they'll probably assume, when taking into account your charge, that it was for some moving violation. You might wish to get a copy of your record from the Secretary of State's office to see what a judge or prosecutor will be looking at when handing down a decision.

    My point is, you might be able to get this one reduced to a non-moving CI, but don't count on being able to continually do this; eventually, it will be extremely difficult to bargain down to the non-moving level after several Impeding Traffic charges.

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