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    I recently received a ticket for no inspection in New York State. ... I had the inspection taken care of the next day... When filling out the ticket to mail to the court I noticed that the police officer did not fill in the date and time of the incident.. Then today I recieved a copy of the ticket in the mail with the date and time filled in and ammended ticket written on the paper... I have not mailed in my plea yet... I was wondering if this ticket is null and void due to the missing information... Your help is appreciated... Thanks Doe...

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    I would guess the amended ticket will stand. In general, clerical errors and oversights are not usually grounds for dismissal, especially if they are corrected before the hearing. It's hard to show you've been prejudiced by the error, when you've received timely notification.

    Hopefully in NY it's just a "fix-it" ticket, such that, if you show up with proof of the inspection, you will just get a nominal fine (in WA, it would be something like $25). But every state has different laws.

    Good luck,

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