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    My former attorney told me that we were going to wait until 30 days before the discovery cut-off to send supplementary written discovery requests. He did, in fact, send the requests 30 days before the discovery cut-off (60 days before trial).

    37 days after sending out the requests, my former attorney sent a letter to opposing counsel asking about the responses, which were due 2 days earlier.

    One week after following up with opposing counsel, he told me that the other party was not required to respond because the deadline for responding fell after the discovery cut-off.

    Is there any point in sending discovery requests so late that the other party is not required to respond?

    Did my attorney miss the deadline for propounding discovery by a few days?

    His explanations are inconsistent, but I don't know what part is true.

    I am in California.

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    Default Re: Discovery Deadlines

    Your lawyer should bring a motion to extend discovery to include his supplementary request.

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