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    Default Collision with open driver's side car door - Fault?

    I was parked on the side of a one-way four lane city street in Denver, Colorado. I was buckling my 3 year-old son into his car seat in the back seat (driver's side), with the car door open. A number of cars passed, and, as I finished buckling him in, a city bus came barreling down and slammed into the rear driver's side open passenger door (I was standing in the opening next to the car and was narrowly missed). Major damage to both doors and the frame on that side. This was on a straight street, no turns. The door had been open for at least 20-30 seconds.

    The police issued me a ticket for 'loading' on the street side of the car. My position is that the bus had ample time to see the hazard; I was legally parked, and had the door open long before the bus was remotely close. Who is at fault?

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    Default Re: Collision with open driver's side car door - Fault?

    Do you have any idea why the bus driver didn't see the open car door? It seems like some fault should have been assigned to the bus driver.

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    Default Re: Collision with open driver's side car door - Fault?

    It was one of the long city buses with an 'accordian' attaching two sections; in fact, he passed the car door initially (barely) but his back end swung into the car door and wrecked it. It was the middle of the day, so not sure why the driver got so close.

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