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    Default Obtaining plates and personal property from Repossessed vehicle


    Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to help me with more information.

    I live in upstate new york. My vehicle was just repossessed about an hour ago.

    I doubt I'll have the money to pay any fees to get my vehicle back, so my questions are regarding my personal items in the vehicle (specifically, my child's car seat) and the return of the license plates, registration, insurance documents, etc.

    Also, I'm wondering if I will be notified in writing of the steps I should take next from either the lender, or the repossessing agent.

    The repo guy did try to call me, he was able to tell me that they repoed my jeep, that it did not get stolen. Then his call dropped. When I tried to call him back to ask these questions, all he said was, "Call Citifinancial, my battery is going to die again". Then, I lost his call once again.

    So I guess I'm just wondering how to go about getting my things back. I did some online searches, and it does say that in NYS, the plates are to remain with the borrower, but they were not left here. I will try to call my lender tomorrow, but I was just hoping someone out there could answer a few of my questions until then. Thank you so much.

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    Default Re: Obtaining plates, personal property, etc from Repossessed vehicle

    No experience here on NY repo law or procedure, but i can give you some info on how it works in GA, maybe it will help.

    GA is a "free repo" state, meaning no warning of the repo needs to be given. However, once repoed, you will have a grace period to pay off the accelerated loan, AND pick up your items. Here you must send a certified letter to the owner of the vehicle to let them know about the repo and to explain the fees owed and how long they have to piuck uptheir things. Anything attached to the car is not allowed to be retrieved (stereo equipment and the like).

    However, there is a clause for pawned vehicles that lets the pawn shop take full possession if the pawn contract was 30 or more days in default, this also means all items in the car are forfeited.

    I do not know if this helps at all. I would say you have 10 days to get your items from the vehicle, that seems to be a standard for the states around here at least. Call the company that repoed your vehicle AND the company who contracted the repo company. If you do not pick your tags up in that time, the repo company will most likely mail them to the DMV as "surrendered tags".

    Edit: Just another quick note, not all repo companies are on the up and up, and some have been known to pilfer anything not locked down in the vehicle, then claim the items were not there when they picked the car up. Your tags should not be a problem in this regard, but who knows what will happen to anything else in the vehicle, it is *VERY* hard to prove what was in the vehicle at time of repossession.

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    Default Re: Obtaining plates, personal property, etc from Repossessed vehicle


    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question.

    This morning, I contacted my lender, and was able to get telephone number of the repossessing company (which turned out to be the same # of the guy who called me at 1 am to tell me he had repoed my car). Anyway, the gentleman was very nice, and he gave me directions and we arranged a time to meet. Once I arrived, I was able to retrieve all my belongings, and he even helped me remove my plates. So many things I forgot were in there: ez pass box, garage door opener, spare house key in a magnet box, etc. Anyway, I'm not sure what I'll be able to do about the car, but it is a huge relief knowing I at least have my personal effects back.

    I appreciate this forum, I learned alot reading through different topics early this morning while searching for answers. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Obtaining plates, personal property, etc from Repossessed vehicle

    I am glad you were able to get your things back.

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