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    Default Harassment by a Neighbor

    I live in a rural county of Oregon and have been harassed by a neighbor across the street for over six months. I work at nights and their 16 year old kid rides his dirt bike around in circles in his front yard while I'm trying to sleep. I along with the rest of the neighbors who were bothered on the street talked to his parents. His parents told us to go to hell. The next day this kid started the dirt bike routine again and I called the Sheriff. The Sheriff warned these people that they were breaking the noise ordnances and the next time they were caught it would be a $540.00 fine.
    It's been a game to them ever since. The kid will get on his bike for 15min or so and stop before the Sheriff arrives, wait until he leaves, and start up all over again.
    They have also started a campaign of harassment against me personally by honking their horn when they pass my house at all hours of the day and night, stopping in front of my house and shining their truck headlights on my house late at night while revving their engine then burning rubber down the road.

    Last night in the pitch dark I caught two kids trying to jump the five foot fence that surrounds my 2acre property and scared them away. The parents, their 16 year old kid ans all his friends are involved in this.

    I have been documenting everything this whole time and just ordered outdoor video cameras and a time lapse vcr to catch anything they try to do against me or my property. This was a difficult purchase to afford since I am not wealthy, but I have to protect myself against these morons legally in case I have to defend myself on my property or prove property damage.

    The other neighbors are all retired and have been intimidated by their hostility so they refuse to get involved, I am completely on my own. I have not played into their hands and have ignored them completely at all times except for calling the Sheriff on the dirt bike noise.

    What kind of evidence do I need to get this to stop and sue for harassment and the loss of enjoying my home?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Default Re: Harassment by neighbor

    Ask the Sheriff's department if they will accept a videotape as evidence sufficient to issue tickets. If so, videotape from the point he starts creating the noise disturbance through the time the deputies arrive, such that it is apparent what is happening.

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    Default Re: Harassment by neighbor

    Lord knows these neighbor cases result in a lot of litigation. There's the criminal side--that is what Mr. Knowitall was pointing out as far as you getting your evidence together and submitting it to law enforcement to see whether they will issue citations or otherwise initiate criminal charges. The only problem with that is that the prosecutor gets to make the call and your case may or may not be worthy of prosecution to them.

    And then there's the civil side where you may sue them for individual acts such as trespass, property damage, etc., and if such acts continue long enough and individual civil suits would not remedy the situation then you could seek injunctive relief in hopes of having them enjoined from further violations lest they run the risk of being held in contempt of court. On the civil side you have the option to hire your own attorney and otherwise control the case.

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    Default Re: Harassment by neighbor

    Yet when you get that wonderful injunction against the neighbor's actions, you're back to court (at your own expense) to try to prove the violation, or you're back to trying to document the violation through the police.

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    Default Re: Harassment by neighbor

    Thank you for the various ideas and advice.

    The police will not take the video tape as evidence, I was told they have to see the kid in action.
    As a precaution, I have my whole property fenced, gated and locked with the appropriate no trespassing signs attached. The video cameras are set up to record any mischief against my property on their part. The cameras will also record any confrontation they might try with me on the street. I guess I will just have to keep calling the police until the jerks are caught. I was told however that property damage filmed with a video would be sufficient evidence for arrest. I hope they are not that stupid.

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