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    Default Statute Of Limitations for Traffic Tickets

    What Is The Statue Of Limitations For Traffic Tickets In Austin Tx . The Tickets Are For Running A Red Light
    No Seatbelt

    Any Information Would Be Greatly Appriciated .

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    Default Re: Statue Of Limitations

    If the tickets have been issued, then it is likely the SOL does not apply. The citations are for you to appear in court. If you do no appear the cites either go to warrant or result in a license suspension until they are cleared up (whichever way TX goes with them). Warrants don't just disappear if you hide from them long enough ... and neither do citations.

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    Default Re: Statue Of Limitations

    whichever way TX goes with them
    It depends on the court. Some will issue a FTA warrant and suspend your license. This means that if you are stopped again your car will be towed and you will spend time in jail along with other associated fines.

    Some courts will turn it over to a collection agency which will hound you at home and work and add extra fees. Then they will do the above.

    Bottom line is that these will not go away and moving out of the state will not help. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. If you don't have the money, try to work out a payment plan.

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