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    Default How to Get Custody of my Niece

    My sister in law who lives in Indiana is dying, she has a 5 year old daughter. The dad lives in Connecticut and there is restraining order against him for abuse. An attorney has told my sister in law that it would be best that she make a decision who is to care for her daughter and that the father would have no bearing on the decision, is this correct? My sister in law wants my neice to live with me once she passes, she feels that my home is stable, deciplined and filled with love. There are a couple of issues here, at the moment my sister in law lives with her parents, my mother in law wants custody, we feel that she would not have the energy to raise a child at her age and there has been abuse in that household for years, there are two sisters as well, one is in her 40's, lives in California, never been married or had children, although I feel she would be a great mother, my sister in law feels she lacks the maternal instinct to raise a child and would not be able to handle the rebellious stage, the other sister lives in Texas has 4 children. I am in my late 40's raised my children and have grandchildren. I too live in California. Where would I get information about custody since I am a sister in law (for almost 30 years) could I be granted custody, what should I do, where do start, is there a good on line resource? There isn't much time

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    Forget online sources.

    Hire a lawyer; get a guardianship set up now.

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    These resources may help you get started.

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