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    Default Penalty for Renewing Expired Texas Driver's License

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of Texas. My license expired in February of this year. I completely forgot about it until a few days ago when someone pointed the expiration date out to me. I have not been pulled over (I don't drive often), but I need to go renew it ASAP. If I have someone drive me to the DPS, what kind of fine or penalty (or worse) can I expect since it's been expired for 7 months?

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    Default Re: Penalty for Renewing Expired Texas Driver's License

    They may make you retake the driving test. This would require you obtain a new permit.
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    Default Re: Penalty for Renewing Expired Texas Driver's License

    Mine was expired for nearly 2 years before I went to renew it (long story). All I had to do was retake the written and driving exams, just like when I got my license the first time. I was reissued a new license with the same number as before. This was also in Texas just in 2011.

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