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    Default Debts from Past Relationship

    Good Afternoon,

    I'm not 100% sure this is the appropriate place for this posting, but any information would be greatly appreciated. I'll try and give you a little background information.

    I lived with my Ex Girlfriend for roughly 3.5-4yrs. In which time we accumulated much of what we had when our relationship ended. For the first 2yrs I worked and for the last year and a half or so, I worked from home on a small business which didn't generate a tremendous amount of income. Long story short, the relationship failed and she decided to leave me. I was left holding the bag for all bills (some of which had gotten quiet high) as well as the whole rent, etc.

    When she left, I was told on one night, the next morning she moved out. She took with her all that she wanted and there was no real argument regarding what she was talking or what she was leaving, basically she made a list and took what she wanted.

    Roughly 8 months after the date which she moved out, I also moved and paid movers to take my stuff from the house to my new apt. At this point she began making claims of how I was stealing and that she wanted this, that and the other. She threatened to take me to court and now, she's threatening to hit nail me with something.

    The stuff in question mainly pertains to furniture that we purchased together, however, due to my poor credit at the time, was put under her name. Which, is now still being paid for by her.

    My question is, do I have any rights in this at all? She left this stuff there for 8 months and waited till i had moved before ever saying that she wanted it. I had even gone so far as ask her if she had wanted certain things when we had met briefly after our breakup and she told me to just get rid of it.

    I'm very lost and worried, I don't feel that its right for her to come back 8 months after our breakup and make demands that I give her stuff that she had literally abandoned. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Furniture

    If the items at issue are the pieces of furniture that are in her name, and for which she is still paying, she has a legitimate claim. At the same time, you moved - you couldn't leave the furniture where it was, and it was reasonable given the passage of eight months for you to assume that she didn't want to retrieve it.

    You may wish to consider resolving this amicably, through such possible measures as (a) buying the pieces of furniture you want from her, for a mutually agreeable price, or (b) permitting her to retrieve (at her expense) the furniture she claims to be hers and which she now wants.

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    Thank you for the info.

    My other thought is this;

    Since we were together, much of our credit was done under her name and in the end, there was probably about $3000 in CC bills / Personal loans under her name. If this ends up in court, will I be held responsible for this?

    Is therer a certain time frame that she should have taken care of this within? This week it will be exactly one year that we've been broken up. My mindset is that its a bit late to be coming back at me with all of this.

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    Default Debts from Relationship

    If the debts relate to specific items of property, for example the furniture, it is possible that a court would require the party who kept the particular items of property to pay the associated debt. It is not likely that claims for old credit card debts would otherwise be split, given the passage of time and the difficulty in establishing what the debts were for. But with the limited facts available it's impossible to be sure.

    I believe that Ontario imposes a six year statute of limitations on contract actions. It's possible that the action at issue would be brought under a different legal theory, in which case a different limitations period would apply.

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