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    Default Emancipation Laws of Tennessee

    I live in tennessee, I'm 15 years old. I want to be emancipated, due to the fact that I am mentally abused and my mother chooses my ex-stepdad over me and admits it. On New Years 05' My "Step-Father" got me and my sister drunk and tryed to rape me. I ran out in the middle of the street in underwear and a t-shirt. The neighbors took me in and gave me clothes. My mom took him to court, and we were having court dates for a few months but then she dropped everything and got back with him. I can't take my home life anymore. I am becoming very suicidal, and I am very smart on ways to do it. I've thought about killing my mom and rob. I'm scared to tell the guidance counselor about it because rob has had hits put out on me before, He has even tried to kill my boyfriend(18, August30) twice, My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and seven months. I got pregnant in August 06' and my mom told me I was having an abortion, I didn't want to and I told her, She called My real dad to tennessee to Kill my boyfriend, I ended up haveing an abortion against my will for my boyfriend and I's personal safety. As of right now, I am banned from seeing my boyfriend. I want to be emancipated and move to missouri to live with his mom. Is there anything I can do?

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    Default Re: Emancipation Laws of Tennesse.

    Tennessee does not have an emancipation statute, and I'm not sure what other options are available. Consider discussing your situation with a guidance counselor at school.

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    Default Re: Emancipation Laws of Tennesse.

    i have talked to a guidance counselor, they tell me to suck it up nd deal with it, and i honestly don't agree. I mean, you aren't supposed to have to live like this, it's ridiculous.

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    Default Re: Emancipation Laws of Tennesse.

    Rather than take such a drastic step which law wont allow why not bring charges againist this man who attempted to rape you!?

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    Default Re: Emancipation Laws of Tennessee

    That really sucks, What kind of mom do you have??? and y doesn't she care about what you are going trough???Y dont u try talking to her and tell her how you really feel. Try to be cool with her cause that prlly the only option you got cause ur only 15 and there is emacipation in TN. JUST talk to her she prlly would understand u......Ur born from her and u share the blood with her......If she still doesnt listion just tell her that if she not nice to u there will be legeal consiquences against her and ur step-DAD for sexual harrasment. I fell really bad for u. I hope this works.....

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