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    Default Ending a Marriage Based Upon Spouse's Bigamy

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: California

    My friend was just married with her husband for few months and found that her husband acutally is not divorced with the first wife yet. Her husband didn't tell her about the first marriage before they went to marry in Las Vegas and also got a marriage certificate from the county court after that. The husband's divorce with the first wife is still in process and not finalized yet, and don't know when it will be. My friend wants to leave her husband due to this situation. What should she do? If she goes to court process, will her husband face prison? She wants to leave him but doesn't want to put him in prison. Also, can she claim for half of the assets or any compensation? Appreciated for any help here. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Ending a Marriage Based Upon Spouse's Bigamy

    Hmmm, seems the truth is she wants a portion of his assets. She simply needs to file for nullity of the marriage. It is void already, as if it never occurred. For him, the consequences are more severe. He has committed crimes in 2 locations. She is not entitled to anything not hers because they have never been legally married.
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    Default Re: Ending a Marriage Based Upon Spouse's Bigamy

    A bigamous marriage is void from its inception in both Nevada and California.

    If your friend wants an annulment, instructions are here.

    How many assets were accumulated during this "few months" of marriage?

    Nobody here can promise what the future holds for her husband. If he's concerned about being prosecuted he should consult a criminal defense lawyer.

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