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    Default Sibling Visitation Rights

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: West Virginia

    I am a 21 year old who lives in Illinois. Recently my father and step mother moved to West Virginia with my two half-siblings. The youngest is almost 3 years old and the oldest just turned five. My step mother has never liked me or treated me like family. Her and my father have been together since I was 14 years old and she still holds things I said at that age against me. She decided that when my youngest brother was 1 month old that I was no longer welcome in the house and I was not allowed to see her children. DCFS was involved in regards to my oldest sibling around that time that he was 2 years old. My father and step mom we're not allowed to have the children in the house unless someone else over the age of 18 that had been verified as safe by DCFS was there. Because of this I would drive 50 minutes between where I lived with my mother and their home so that they could see their children. They have no reason to deny me access to my siblings when I have sacrificed so much to make sure that they have had a good life up to this point. I'm not even allowed to have pictures of them. In fact this past Thanksgiving (even though they do not have access to my page) my step mother flagged every picture I had of my siblings on facebook for removal. She has also done the same things to my father's mother and his sister. She has made it so that he has virtually no contact with any member of his family. I was just wondering if I could take them to court for visitation rights to my brothers. I haven't been able to find much about sibling rights to visitation in West Virginia.

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    Who has legal custody of the children now?

    You're not finding much on sibling rights in WV, because WV is like the majority of states, which do not grant sibling visitation. WV has a few querky instances, mostly in cases of adoption, where sibling visitation plays a role in evaluation of custody between other parties, but if you're asking if WV law allows you to seek a court order for visitation of your half siblings while their natural parents still have legal custody of them, no, it doesn't. You'll have to convince your father regarding visitation.
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